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Seville, Treacle and Whiskey Marmalade 210gm

Seville, Treacle and Whiskey Marmalade 210gm

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Made with Seville orange, treacle and a good dash of whiskey. It is a sweet and tart marmalade with a hint of darkness from the Irish whiskey.

Nothing but fresh fruit, sugar, a hint of whiskey, heat and (a lot of!) cutting and stirring.

Made with fruit picked from unsprayed trees around Tilba, on the NSW South Coast.

Small batch, hand cut, natural-set. Made seasonally by Tilba Cooks for Pepe Saya. 


Check out our blog for recipe ideas.

Nutritional Info

Ingredients: sugar, seville orange, treacle, Irish whiskey

Nutritional Information: Energy 1080kJ/100gm, protein 0.9g/100gm, total fat 0.1gm/100gm, saturated fat 0g/100gm, carbohydrate 60.3g/100gm, sugars 60.3g/100gm, sodium 2mg/100gm

How To Store

Store in a cool dry place and refrigerate after opening.

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