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Haberfield, NSW
Since 2020 | Use – 15gm Pepe Saya Portions

Our friends at Happyfield’s in Haberfield have had Pepe Saya Butter atop their infamous pancake stacks since they opened their doors in 2020. Their pancake stacks have quickly worked their way to the top of every top café list in Sydney, from Elle, Refinery 29 and Broadsheet.

"When we opened Happyfield we knew we needed to have the best tasting butter to compliment our pancakes, and Pepe was a no brainer for us. The flavour of their cultured butter is unmatched and once stamped with that iconic logo our customers know they are getting quality.”

- Jesse, Owner


Since 2012 | Use – Pepe Saya 15gm butter portions, crème fraiche, buttery salted caramels across business and first class.

Our butter has been flying on Qantas for over 10 years. We are very proud to have our Australian butter onboard Australia’s airline. You will find our butter on plates, our crème fraiche on seasonal menu items and boxes of our buttery salted caramels being served in first class. Interestingly, 30,000 feet in the air is the very best place to try cultured butter. The reason being is that you can actually taste the butter (studies show our sense of taste changes at 30,000ft!).

Crown St Grocer

Surry Hills, NSW
Since we started | Stock – the Pepe Saya retail range

Crown St Grocer have supported our butters on their shelves since we started back in 2010. An iconic deli and well-loved spot in Surry Hills, Joe stocks the very best products from local artisans.

When you walk past Crown St Grocer you will see a giant wheel of Pepe Saya up in lights on their door, something we custom made for Joe.


Sydney, NSW
Since 2012 | Use – Pepe Saya Cut Butter Portions

We have been served on Aria’s menu for 10+ years. Over those years we have created bespoke flavours for the menus, including seaweed butter and burnt butter, which you can enjoy with sweeping Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge views.

The Bread Social

Since 2017 | Use – Pepe Saya Cultured Buttersheets and blocks

Bread Social were one our first bakeries using our buttersheets when they launched over 6 years ago at their first bakery at The Farm in Byron Bay. They are passionate about buying local and supporting
artisans, which they have never wavered from. All their pastries are made with Pepe Saya buttersheets and butter blocks across their four bakeries in NSW and QLD.