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Cultured Ghee 190ml

Cultured Ghee 190ml

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Ghee is clarified butter or the 'oil of milk'.

We simmer our cultured butter until the milk solids separate, it's then caramelised over a low heat. The liquid gold which remains is passed through a muslin cloth to remove any impurities, bottled and there you have it- ghee glorious ghee. This ghee is made with our cultured butter, creating a nutty flavour.

Ghee is incredible to cook with, having a high smoke point and unique roasted, nutty, butter flavour. Great for roasting potatoes and vegetables, curries, Sunday morning eggs or basting a steak.


Check out our blog for recipe ideas.

Nutritional Info

Ingredients: Cultured butter (Cream (from pasteurised cows milk), culture)

Nutritional Information: Energy 3700kJ/100gm, protein 0g/100gm, total fat 99.9gm/100gm, saturated fat 66g/100gm, carbohydrate 0g/100gm, sugars 0g/100gm, sodium 2mg/100gm

How To Store

Store in a cool dry places. We recommend storing in the fridge after opening. Shelf life - 6 months

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