Make Your Own Dolphin Hotel 'Crack' Tiramisu

Mascarpone by Pepe Saya  |  Recipe by Jaci Koludrovic  |  Photos by Rob Locke @foodwinedine


Yield 1 large bowl or serving dish with nice deep sides.
Serves 10 people

It is important to have all elements of this recipe ready to go before you make the mousse. Due to the gelatine the mousse will begin to set quickly. The liquid and the chocolate sheets can be made in advance and stored to be used at a later date. Soak your savoroidi biscuits first and arrange them in the base of your serving dish.
Remember Tiramisu is best made the day before you wish to serve it. Its actually even better on day 2!!!


• 110g sugar
• 50g water
• 145g yolks (approx 8, depending on your egg size)
• 12g leaf gelatine
• 100g marsala
• 30g kahlua
• ½ vanilla bean
• 720g mascarpone
• 720g pouring cream

• 200g espresso
• 200g sugar
• 100g kahlua
• 40g rum
• 160g marsala

• 1 pkt Savoiardi biscuit
• 200g good quality dark chocolate
• cocoa powder for dusting

Note: to make Jaci Koludrovic's Tiramisu, you can buy Pepe Saya Mascarpone from your local store or order them from our Online Store.


1. Bring all ingredients to the boil. Cool.
2. Dunk biscuits in syrup, making sure they are saturated but not falling apart.
3. Arrange on the base of your chosen dish, laying on their ‘length’ sides, not flat sides.

1. Chop the chocolate nice and small, place in a bowl and melt gently over a pot of hot water. Don’t let the base of the bowl touch the water and don’t let the water boil. Once the chocolate has all melted, lay some sheets of baking paper onto your bench and using a palette knife spread the chocolate out nice and thin. Allow to set before transferring to a suitable storage container.

1. Whip cream to soft peak. Set aside in fridge.
2. Whip mascarpone till stiff. Set aside in fridge.
3. Bloom gelatine in cold water.
4. Place yolks in Bowl of electric mixer, fit whisk.
5. Warm alcohol. Add gelatine, cool & set aside.
6. Take sugar and water to boiling, begin whisking yolks on high. Continue to cook syrup to 115 degrees. Pour in steady stream over yolks, avoiding hitting the whisk. Continue to whisk till mix doubles in volume and looses its heat and comes to blood temperature. About 8-10 minutes
7. Strain gelatine mix onto yolks, whisk to combine. Fold bomb into mascarpone quickly in 3 stages. Fold this mix into your cream.

1. Divide your chocolate sheets into 2 piles, breaking them into smaller more manageable pieces. You may find you have more chocolate then needed.
2. Divide mousse into thirds.
3. Pour one third on top of your soaked biscuits. Jiggle or tap your dish to ensure and even coverage.
4. Arrange 1 pile of chocolate sheets on top of the mousse. Try to get an even layer with no gaps. This will create your ‘crack’ layers.
5. Repeat this process with another third of mousse and the second pile of chocolate sheets.
6. The last layer will be with mousse only.
7. Dust with Dutch cocoa powder and refrigerate overnight. 24 hours if you can wait.