Make Your Own Buttermilk Ricotta


Buttermilk by Pepe Saya  |  Recipe by Jaci Koludrovic  |  Photos by Rob Locke @foodwinedine

 500 - 700g Servings


• 2 Litres of Full Cream Milk (The real stuff)
• 500ml Pepe Saya Buttermilk
• 200ml Pepe Saya Creme Fraiche

Note: to Jaci Koludrovic's Buttermilk Ricotta, you can buy Pepe Saya Buttermilk from your local store or order them from our Online Store.



• Sanitiser
• Muslin Cloth
• Medium Pot
• Woden Spoon
• thermometer
• Bowl
• Strainer



• In a pot mix together the milk, buttermilk and the creme fraiche.
• Bring them to a gentle simmer over medium heat.
• Stir gently every few minutes, until the milk solids rise to the surface and form curds.


• At this stage the milk should be about 80 degrees Celsius.
• Shut off the heat and leave it sit for 15-20 minutes.
• Line a strainer with a few layers of muslin cloth/cheese cloth.
• Using a kitchen spoon with holes, scoop the curds from the surface into the strainer.


• Then pour the whey over the solids allowing it to flow through the strainer.
• Fold the cloth over the cheese and refrigerate for a few hours to firm up slightly.
• Use ricotta as desired.


We enjoyed the Ricotta with Crusty white bread, Fresh Tomato, basil and some Olsson’s Sea Salt!