Jamaican Jerk & Pepe Saya Buttermilk Grill

This classic Caribbean spice mix is the perfect barbecue crust or pan-fry rub for chicken, green prawns, fish steaks – anything!
First, choose your meat or fish. Chicken thigh fillets, prawns, pork loin steaks, marlin, swordfish or kingfish steaks are all great.
Marinating in buttermilk tenderises meat and fish by activating natural enzymes and, in a process similar to ageing meat, deepens the flavour. Cooking it in our ghee gives it a buttery, nutty flavour, and it also has a high smoke point.
Adjust the time according to the protein you’re using. Fish only needs 30 minutes to an hour maximum. Meats can benefit from a longer bath. Incidentally, buttermilk helps remove the ‘muddy’ flavour in some fish, like mullet or blackfish



  • 200-300g per person of your choice of meat, fish or seafood
  • 300ml Pepe Saya buttermilk
  • Captain Kranky’s Jamaican Jerk spice mix
  • 3- 5 tablespoons Pepe Saya ghee
  • Pepe Saya smoked butter

Serves 4-6

Baked sweet potato and a fresh mango, smoked butter, hot chilli, ginger, lime and coriander salsa...

Note: to make Captain Kranky's Jamaican Jerk, you can buy the Captain Kranky pack and serve it with Pepe Saya Smoked Butter- available from our online store.


  • Marinate steaks in buttermilk with a big tablespoon of Jerk mix.
  • Fish – one hour maximum. Meat can have several hours.
  • When you’re ready, get your cast iron pan or BBQ plate hot.
  • Shake buttermilk from steaks and coat in spice mix.
  • Sizzle half the ghee then pop in the steaks. Don’t cramp the pan. They need space to get fiery hot and dance. While cooking baste with rest of the ghee allowing it to melt through the steaks. Turn every 30 seconds for a total of 3-4 minutes for fish; 6-8 minutes for meat.
  • Top with Pepe Saya smoked butter when you put it on the plate.

Serve with baked sweet potato and a fresh mango, hot chilli, ginger, lime and coriander salsa. Then, nyam!

Oh, two more things you need: rum on the rocks (Jamaican of course) and the right soundtrack.

Try the Captain’s Jamaican Jerk Spotify Playlist