The original drawings by Albert Nguyen

Pepe Saya is a larger than life persona that embodies some of Pierre’s personality as well as conveying a character of distinguished fine taste and superior knowledge of the culinary arts. He comes off as a bit arrogant and egotistic at first, but that is only due to his reputation and authority as a widely respected connoisseur. His unusually large nose suggests an adept sense of smell and taste. The steeply raise eyebrow and closed eyes convey pompous characteristics that demands respect for his seriousness and passion in the fine culinary arts. Topped off with a thin French connoisseur-esque moustache.

LEFT: Photo of Pierre Issa with Iggy's bread and Pepe Saya Butter by Henryk Lobaczewski - RIGHT: Drawing by Albert Nguyen


The Picture with Pepe and the two ladies was Finalist in the 2012 Shoot the Chef Photography Competition by
Henryk Lobaczewski



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